Alex Marshall

Alex Marshall Studios started in Sausalito, Ca in 2000. In 2005 Alex Marshall and her business partner and husband, Andrew Barry, moved Alex Marshall Studios to an olive orchard in Corning, California. Situated in the northern central valley, Corning is known as the olive capital of California. Their orchard has over 600 olive trees and is surrounded by other olive orchards and grazing lands. The design duo like to joke that they have more cows and horses as neighbors than people. Besides the olive trees, their property also has plum, pomegranate, lemon, grapefruit and mandarin orange trees.

Since moving to the orchard, Alex and Andrew have embraced the concept of California living.  This nature inspired lifestyle is evident in their latest designs. From the earth-tone glazes that are layered on top of each other. Which are created by a hand-glazing technique that embraces the inconsistencies of the human hand. To the ripple vases, bowls, platters and lamps that undulate like waves in a pool. California living can be seen in all Alex Marshall Studios’ designs.

A green environment is also evident in their production facility. Lead and Cadmium free glaze and clay materials are sourced from California mines as much as possible reducing fuel consumption. A rooftop solar array was installed in 2014 to offset approximately 40% of their electrical consumption. Alex Marshall Studios adheres to the "longevity is green” school of thought; when something is made to last, you don't have to buy it again, which decreases the impact on natural resources and keeps waste out of landfills.

Alex Marshall Studios brings to the forefront the unpredictable nature of working with clay by embracing the imperfections made solely by the human hand. Alex’s touch influences every piece; from shaping to firing and glazing, each step is an opportunity to create slight nuances. This makes for products that are as individual as the